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FanCon Foundation

The FanCon Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that exists to plan and run FanCon alongside the District School Board of Niagara.

The FanCon Foundation exists to Celebrate, Educate, Equip, Encourage, and Support young and older fans to experience what they are passionate about and to learn and develop the skills required to participate actively in furthering those fandoms from the inside.

Celebrate: To create opportunities for our community to celebrate their passions and fandoms.

Educate: To create a safe environment where people can share their passions with others and feel free to explore new things.

Equip: To provide the tools needed to take passions beyond dreams and toward reality.

Encourage: To be a beacon of positivity and a negative world.

Support: To have a positive effect on our community either emotionally, financially, or otherwise.

All of this is made possible by our leadership team of unpaid volunteers who are passionate about bringing fandom and education together, and making it accessible to everyone!


Executive Director

Christian Kentie

Director of Programming

Matthew Vandervoet

Director of Guests and Exhibitors

Marcus Antaya

Director of Vendor Relations

Victoria MacDonald

Director of Finances &

Volunteer Coordinator

Lori Dawn Antaya

Director of Outreach & Marketing

Kristen Kentie

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