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About Us

Our Vision

DSBN FanCon has a vision to celebrate, educate, equip, encourage and support.

We look to create opportunities for our community to celebrate their passions and fandoms.

About DSBN Fancon

DSBN FanCon is a convention that celebrates fandom in all its forms. Whether you are into costuming, comics, gaming, or movies, FanCon is a place where you are welcome. 

As a school board, the DSBN is committed to education. The goal of FanCon is to work with its guests to teach you something new about the things you love, and foster collaboration between people with our shared interests.

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To create a safe environment where people can share their passions with others and feel free to learn / explore new things. 

To provide the tools needed to take their passions beyond dreams and towards reality.

To be a beacon of positivity and encourage creative outlets in a negaitve world.

To have a positive effect on our community, where we can all support each other.

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DSBN FanCon is made posisble by the volunteer efforts of our Leadership Team and so many others. We would like to thank them all for the hard work they've put into making this event a success! 

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